my own recommendation for you

please don’t harry Up & Never Give Up! —


you will never find a friend like a google in your life.


You need an 18 year to watch one day content on youtube! sure you will find what you need on it.

Linked In

It’s a professional network that contains many fields, so go to LinkedIn a grow up your network.


As I’m using windows when I find any problem or error you will find the answer in Microsoft FAQ or Documentation

Microsoft Visual studio

It’s an amazing editor that you can use in many different fields

Adobe Products

if you’re good at using photo shop or Illustrator that would help you a lot in your designs especially the responsive one.


of course, if you coding with PHP you will need a host and I usually use xampp for my local host.


Save your money, efforts and time using WordPress as it became more popular these days.


sure you need to know HTML to build the website structure.


standards for the Cascading Style Sheet to make your own design or edits you need to learn CSS.


to go on and make dynamic websites PHP is the most used language for this.


you have to learn SQL to know how to manage your database for your website.

Java script

the moral of java script is to make the user interact with the website and it’s very powerful and it’s developers called Mean Stack


it’s a library from Java Script and it’s more than enough to make your website great!


It’s a built in classes that make you design attractive websites without doing any CSS codes! don’t worry you can rely on it as I did on this site 😉